In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah

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Verily, all praises and thanks are due to Allah, we praise Him, seek His help and His forgiveness. We seek refuge with Allah from the evils of our souls and evils of our deeds. One whom Allah guides none can lead him astray, and one whom He misguides, none can guide him. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad (SAAS) is His servant and His messenger.

"O you who believe! Fear Allah (by doing all that He has ordered and by abstaining from all that He has forbidden) as He should be feared. (Obey Him, be thankful to Him, and remember Him always), and die not except in a state of Islam [as Muslims (with complete submission to Allah)]." (Al-Qur‘aan 3:102 - interpretation of the meaning)

"O mankind! Be dutiful to your Lord, Who created you from a single person (Adam), and from him (Adam) He created his wife (Eve), and from them both He created many men and women and fear Allah through Whom you demand your mutual (rights), and (do not cut the relations of) the wombs (kinship). Surely, Allah is Ever an All-Watcher over you." (Al-Qur‘aan 4:1 - interpretation of the meaning)

"O you who believe! Keep your duty to Allah and fear Him, and speak (always) the truth. He will direct you to do righteous good deeds and will forgive you your sins. And whosoever obeys Allah and His Messenger (SAAS) he has indeed achieved a great achievement (i.e. he will be saved from the Hell-fire and made to enter Paradise)." (Al-Qur‘aan 33:70-71 - interpretation of the meaning)

Ammaa ba'd (as for what follows), the best of speech is the speech of Allah that is the Book of Allah. The best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad (SAAS). Of all matters, the worst are innovations; and everything new is an innovation, and every innovation is a deviation, and every deviation leads to Hell-fire.



Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah: "They are all those who are upon that which the Prophet (SAAS) and his companions were upon. They are called Ahl-us-Sunnah because of their adherence to as-Sunnah of the Prophet (SAAS). They are called al-jamaa'ah because they are the ones who gather upon the truth and do not split-up in their religion; they gather upon the legitimate rulers and do not rebel against them; and they follow the consensus (ijmaa') of the Pious Predecessors of this ummah. Since they are the ones who truly follow the Sunnah of Allah's Messenger (SAAS), following his path, they are also called the Traditionalists (Ahl-ul-hadiith), the People of Narration (Ahl-ul-Aathaar) and the Adherents (Ahl-ul-‘Ittibaa'). They are also called the Aided Group (at-Taa‘ifat-ul-Mansoorah) and the Saved-Sect (al-Firqat-un-Naajiyyah)." (General precepts of Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah, by sheikh Nasir al-'Aql)

Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah avoid innovating and innovations in whatever place or era they may be. They are the ones who will remain uppermost, aided by Allah until the Day of Judgement. If you take a closer view of the followers of bid'ah (innovation), you will find that they differ concerning that which they are following with regard to beliefs, methodology and practices. Each group is following al-Qur'aan and as-Sunnah upon the understanding of the founder of the group and its leaders! This indicates that they are far removed from as-Sunnah and this distance is commensurate with the extent to which they have introduced innovations.

Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa'ah have been described with sticking to as-Sunnah and in all circumstances avoiding the innovations in the religion. By the word al-jamaa'ah the totality of Muslims is not meant, nor the great majority. This is because Allah's Messenger Muhammad (SAAS) mentioned that at-taa‘ifat-ul-mansoorah is a single group from among the seventy three groups. It was reported from 'Awf ibn Malik (RAA) who said: Allah's Messenger (SAAS) said: "The Jews were divided into seventy-one sects, one of which is in Paradise and seventy are in the Fire. The Nazarenes were divided into seventy-two sects, seventy-one of which are in the Fire and one is in Paradise. By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, my ummah will be divided into seventy-three sects, one of which will be in Paradise and seventy-two will be in the Fire." It was said, O Messenger of Allah, who are they (the people of Paradise)? He said: "Al-jamaa'ah." (Sunan ibn Maajah. Sheikh Nasir ad-Din al-Albaani rahimahullaah classed it as sahiih in Sahiih al-Jaami‘ as-Saghiir.)

In another hadiith the Prophet (SAAS) explained what is meant by al-jamaa'ah: "…The one which will follow the same path as what I and my companions are following today." (Authentic, recorded by Abu Dawud, at-Tirmidhi and others)

And Allah knows best.

Published on Friday the 1st of Muharram, 1428/the 19th of January, 2007

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